The upper cabin apartment ("Brookside") is modern, neat, and clean. It has a fireplace, 3 bed rooms, a full kitchen, and sleeps from 5 to 8 in winter (+2 add'l in summer on the screened, split-level sleeping porch). Our official policy is "no pets", but in the Brookside rental cabin we sometimes allow a small, well house-broken dog when we can be ABSOLUTELY assured it is not prone to bark, or any other way disturb other guests staying here.

About Our Deep Creek Cabins...

Just so you know, our vacation apartments in the cottage are both laid out and soundproofed in such a way that guests are surprised over how little they're ever aware of another party. If the stays of two parties in the cottage overlap, it'll be more private than you might expect. But if desired, you might even be able to make some new friends, too.

Rates: Local rental analysts have told us that even our peak summer/winter rates are modest at $450 per two-night stay (extra nights are $100 each). Double this two-night rate for a full week's stay. We've started out with a strategy of providing good value and thereby inducing folks to return again and again. They do, by the way. But being just off the more beaten path means that 1) we're not so easily discovered, and 2) until demand exceeds supply, we're not so inclined to raise our rates to whatever the market bears.

The front porch of Rivers Rest
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