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The lower cabin apartment ("Rivers' Rest") is the latest addition to Streams & Dreams. It has a kitchen area off a large gathering room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and sleeps from 5 spaciously up to an absolute can-of-sardines maximum of 15 (how? it has four duo-bunks). I particularly suggest it at this season because there's a nice glass-fronted wood stove (toasty warm) and a bigger view of the grounds. A wide range of parties, from multiple small families to single couples without children, have been delighted to stay here and consistently comment on what a pleasant atmosphere it has.

About Rivers Rest Cabin Rentals...

We provide firewood. There's covered parking (no snow on your vehicles). A little sledding hill just out back is perfect for kids of all ages. A large, open porch offers scenic views of the sunset over Piney Mountain and of the illuminated overflow from the pond. By the way, and we don't complain, biting insects are largely absent for some reason.

Rates: Local rental analysts have told us that even our peak summer/winter rates are modest at $450 per two-night stay (extra nights are $100 each). Double this two-night rate for a full week's stay. We've started out with a strategy of providing good value and thereby inducing folks to return again and again. They do, by the way. But being just off the more beaten path means that 1) we're not so easily discovered, and 2) until demand exceeds supply, we're not so inclined to raise our rates to whatever the market bears.

Rivers Rest Cottage as seen from across Hoyes Run
Call for Reservations: (301) 387 6881