Beginners and Seasoned Experts Agree -
Streams & Dreams is the Ideal Getaway for Fly Fishing Enthusiasts
Fly Casting and Trout Fishing Lessons on the Youghiogheny River

Streams & Dreams offers you the opportunity to learn the basics of fly fishing or hone your skills with friendly, experienced help (see client comments) and all basic fly fishing equipment provided. Guests staying at the retreat and visitors alike are invited to take casting lessons (essential for first-timers, and highly recommended for newcomers) or a fishing lesson (but only after your casting is substantially in order). Learn to quit wasting precious stream time and start fishing with greater purpose, efficiency, and enjoyment!
Your instructor, Don Hershfeld, is a former senior aquatic ecologist for the Corps of Engineers with a masters degree in Fisheries Science from VPI&SU.; But his foremost credentials are the countless hours spent in the company of both fish and other avid anglers, and the time spent instructing.

Don clearly explains not just how, but why every aspect of the sport works. He believes that once one truly understands "the why" behind each "how", remembering how to employ any skill usually follows much more easily.

Please know going in that you should set realistic expectations for yourself. Flyfishing isn't extremely difficult, but it isn't 'falling off a log' either. Its not a sport offering instant gratification; its a life-sport. This means it can continue to both reward AND challenge a person for a very long time.

Some might call this latter aspect "paying your dues." Frustration usually awaits those who go it alone. I found my share! Guidance under an experienced hand is the best way to make steady progress. But realize that fish are impartial judges and will not be 'coming-to-hand' terribly often until the beginning angler successfully begins to integrate a fair number of skills.

Like links in a chain, these must all hang together before good catches are even possible. So your goal here cannot be "big fish and plenty of them." It should be skills acquisition.

Don's goal is for you to "own outright" each of the necessary skills in the shortest possible time and to communicate a conceptual framework to you by which each "earns maximum interest".

By doing this he'll provide a very valuable boost along your learning curve, substantially reducing the time before the fish will begin to more consistently reward your efforts.

Fish may not interrupt every lesson, but virtually every client makes good progress and enjoys an enthusiastic, respectful, patient, and entertaining distillation of a lifetime of fishing experience. If not, there is no charge, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Hourly rates are available by appointment only ($60 per hour flat rate - paired students highly recommended, no extra charge) Clients pay only for instructional time and are very welcome to remain on, or even return to, the premises for the duration of the day of their lesson.

Please bring your spouse or friend along to enjoy the porch and grounds! There's even a playground and picnic bench for your family to use.

Group casting classes (up to 8 persons) and other programs are also available.

Lodging guests receive first priority for appointments, which can rarely exceed a half-day. In terms of both physical coordination and attention span, a minimum age of 12 is recommended. Refreshments are provided, but you may wish to bring a bag lunch to simplify logistics.

Ever felt disappointed with your "luck" fishing? Let Don change the basis of your success from mere chance to solid, prioritized skills.
Western Maryland Fly Fishing at its Best
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